Advisory Council

The K/T AAA Advisory Council meets monthly, although its committees may meet more often. Advisory Council members participate in the following types of activities:

  • Identifying needs of elderly persons and prioritizing needs
  • Assisting staff in monitoring and assessment of service delivery
  • Reviewing and commenting on proposals submitted for funding
  • Advising on the development of Agency policies regarding services
  • Explaining services to the elderly and putting them in touch with available services
  • Disseminating information of interest and concern to older persons
  • Advocating for the interests of older persons
  • Reviewing and commenting on community policies, programs, and actions that affect older persons

K/T AAA Standing Committees include:

  • Area Plan, Budget, & Contracts (ABC) Committee – Duties of this committee include the responsibility to review K/T AAA grant applications and recommend recipients; to review and evaluate program objectives and achievements; to work with the K/T AAA to identify public and private resources; to assist in development of the area plan; to recommend priority goals and objectives; and to perform other, related duties.
  • Membership Committee - Duties of the Membership Committee include organizing the recruitment of new members, making recommendations for membership to the Advisory Council, and conducting orientations and/or arranging for mentoring of new members. It is also responsible for monitoring attendance at action committee meetings and Advisory Council meetings.
  • Nominating Committee -The duties of the Nominating Committee are to determine a slate of members for election to the Advisory Council offices.
  • Executive Committee – Members of the Executive Committee are responsible for creating agendas for all Executive Committee and Advisory Council meetings. Members include the Chair, Vice Chair, and all standing committee chairs.

Action (ad hoc) Committees:  Action committees are task forces that are limited in both scope and duration, formed as needed to address relevant topics or tasks. One example of an action committee is the Nutrition Subcommittee, which spent over a year beginning in 2007 reviewing the Agency’s local nutrition program in an attempt to find a resolution to the problem of flat or decreasing income in the face of increased expenses.

2017 K/T AAA Advisory Council Membership Manual


Advisory Council Members

To contact any of the council members, or if you are interested in participating on the council, please call Christine Tidwell at (559) 624-8063.

Membership Application can be submitted by email to:

Kings County 

  • Marlene Chambers
  • Bobbie Wartson

Tulare County

  • Suzanne Wray
  • Betsey Foote
  • Marianne Osborne
  • Mary Thomas