Frequently Asked Questions

What is the K/T AAA?
K/T AAA stands for Kings-Tulare Area Agency on Aging. The Agency was created in 1965 by the federal Older Americans Act to be the lead advocate, program planner, and resource facilitator on aging issues on behalf of all older persons in these two counties. Supported by funding from Kings and Tulare Counties, state, and federal sources, K/T AAA provides many senior programs, such as home and congregate meals, case management, Medicare counseling, information and assistance, health promotion, elder abuse prevention, ombudsman assistance, and so forth. We coordinate a range of activities to ensure comprehensive, community-based services for older Americans. One of our goals is to provide service to those who are underserved, due to cultural, economic, or language barriers.

What is your address and phone number?

Our program offices are in various locations throughout Kings and Tulare Counties. For information and assistance on any of our services, please call


Our administrative office is:


5957 S. Mooney Blvd.
Visalia, CA 93277


Are there any fees for services?
Information, referrals, and assistance are provided free of charge. Some of the programs that we fund or other services we refer you to may have small charges associated with their services, depending on your income level.

Do you accept donations for services?
We welcome and appreciate donations! Donations can be made through "Friends of Tulare County" by clicking HERE.

Do you provide information in multiple languages?
Yes. We have staff and volunteers who are fluent in Spanish, and we have a Language Line that brings a live person (interpreter) on the call who speaks your language. We also have some of our literature available in Spanish and various Asian languages.  

What is required to participate in some of your programs and services?
Some programs and services have qualification and fee requirements, while others are free. Please call us and we will connect you to the program or service that best meets your needs.

How do I register to learn about your programs and services?
Please call 1-800-321-2462 and one of our Information Specialists will assist you. There is no registration process or fee to make the call.

What other information and services does the K/T AAA provide?
We have information on the following kinds of services:

Adult Day Care
Home Modification/Repair
Bereavement/Burial Assistance
Case Management (Care Coordination)
In-Home Services
Dementia Support
Health Insurance Counseling
Disability Services
Legal Services
Emergency Hotlines
Financial Assistance
Senior Centers
Veterans Services

I have seen the InfoVan around town. What is it?
The InfoVan is a traveling van with community outreach materials about programs and services available for older adults and their caregivers. The van is scheduled to be at various events and locations throughout Kings and Tulare Counties. Please call for further information:


What is the K/T AAA Advisory Council?
This council consists of adult volunteers who advise the Governing Board and the K/T AAA program management on matters affecting the older adult population. Members of the advisory council act as the "eyes and ears" for the Agency, to bring to attention the issues and concerns that are foremost in the minds of older adults in the region.

How can I volunteer?
There are many opportunities to volunteer.

Please click HERE for more information on getting involved.