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About Us

What is the K/T AAA?

Pronounced “K T Triple-A,” the Kings/Tulare Area Agency on Aging was created in 1965 to be the leading local authority and advocate for issues and concerns facing adults as they age. Intended to serve the most economically and socially at-risk, K/T AAA coordinates a wide range of community-based services to address the variety of needs that develop with age, whether it be Medicare counseling, home-delivered meals, writing a will, finding a caregiver, or employment, or fighting off depression. In general, if a Tulare or Kings County resident is older, at risk of institutionalization, is low income, and/or needs help in arranging for appropriate services, K/T AAA can probably help. Through its comprehensive database of community resources, K/T AAA can connect the aging population to a wide array of programs and services tailored to their specific needs.

The K/T AAA also focuses on older adults' families and loved ones, including connecting families with adult day care agencies, providing occasional respite from the caregiving task, and helping to arrange power of attorney for a frail parents. Information on these and numerous other issues is always available, either from the K/T AAA website ( or via the toll-free line: 1-800-321-2462.

Our Customers

The K/T AAA primarily serves seniors age 60 and over, and their families and caregivers.

Programs and Funding

The K/T AAA is the only  public or private organization in the area that combines so many services for older adults  under one umbrella—and mostly at no charge to county residents who use the services. We provide a wide range of services, including information and access, advocacy, coordination, assessment, and authorization of direct services. Some services are provided through contracts with vendors and other agencies, and include in-home support, respite care, meals (senior dining centers and home-delivered), health promotions, legal assistance, adult day care, transportation, educational opportunities, employment, and counseling programs. The primary funding for the K/T AAA is provided by the Older Americans Act and Older Californians Act, via the California Department of Aging. Contributions from local governments, private donations, and various senior-related grants comprise the balance of K/T AAA funding.  For a detailed description of the programs, services, and funding sources, please click here.

Aging Network

The Director of the K/T AAA also serves as the Aging Services Manager within the Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency, overseeing Veterans Services and In-Home Supportive Services programs as well as K/T AAA service delivery. This facilitates integration and coordination with other adult programs and services in both Tulare and Kings Counties, such as  Public Guardian and Adult Protective Services. Frequent communication takes place amongst the various programs.

The Agency also benefits from the continuity of having  several staff who have provided support to the K/T AAA for a number of years. We are fortunate to have a dedicated roster of employees who are not only knowldgeable but passionate about the services they provide and skilled in the art of interacting with the frail elderly population. In times of budget uncertainties, Agency leadership and staff are creative and innovative in their attempt to do more with less.

Governing Board

The Governing Board of the K/T AAA is composed of two members of the Board of Supervisors from Kings County and three from the Board of Supervisors of Tulare County. The Board meets four to six times per year and has the executive responsibilities of setting the direction of the Agency by making decisions on policy and approving plans, contracts, and budgets, as well as hiring the Director. The Agency Director implements approved policies and procedures, provides leadership for the Agency, and oversees the ongoing operations for serving seniors, according to the Area Plan. For more information about the Governing Board, please click here.

Advisory Council

The K/T AAA has a 15-member advisory council, which acts as a liaison between the Agency and older persons throughout the counties. An action-oriented Advisory Council is an important resource for the Agency, and our advisory council is willing and able to tackle any task it is given. For more information about the Advisory Council, please click here.

Area Plan

The Area Plan is a four year plan that outlines the K/T AAA's service area, services, and goals. The current plan outlines Fiscal Years 2020-2024, and it is updated annually. To download the Area Plan please click here.